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lovelight - noun \love-light\
The radiance of affection, the incandescent inner glow of devotion, the light that is love. And simply, to love light.

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Jessica. So nice to meet you! When I was 7, my big brother gave me my very first camera - a sturdy, submersible yellow brick of film and flash. It was love at first click! There was a whole secret world of breathtaking beauty all around me just waiting to be discovered and immortalized on film (yes film, did I just date myself?!). Sunrises and smiles beckoned me and I would spend my days chasing light & love. A passionate affair with photography blossomed that summer and it's been that way ever since!

What inspires me?
Real love, real life, real beauty. Basically, you do! I love people. A lot. What do I want? I want to laugh with you. I want to capture all that you are; every silly & serious minute. I want your joy today to bring you joy forever - every time you glance at an image we made together. Today is a gift...that's why we call it the Present. Your life and your love are beautiful, singular and spectacular. And every time I’m invited to tell your story through my lens, I feel honored and a little selfish too because capturing that intangible beauty, that spiritual essence that makes you who you are, helps me recognize my own. It feeds my soul. Being a part of your love story, being invited into your family for a day, being trusted to capture all that is you in a is such an incredible and humbling gift to me. I am so blessed to do what I do!

Why Lovelight?
Life is love. Love is life. And where there is love and life, there is always, always an abundance of light. And basically, I love light. Whether it's beaming from the glorious sun overhead or pouring out from the shiny spark inside of you, I see it and I want to capture it. There is also such a thing as lovelight - it's a palpable, powerful phenomenon. It's the quiet fire that radiates between two people enraptured with one another on their wedding day. It's the gentle glow in a mom's eyes when she embraces her giggling children and the swell of pride in their dad as he watches it all transpire. It's the shy senior girl realizing she's unique and beautiful with sparkly, wide eyes. It's that woman fully grown, finally embracing all the loveliness and strength inside of her. It's the musician, the chef, the activist, the artist, the photographer - you name it - in love with what they do for a living changing the world one small act at a time. It's the hard worked farmer who tills his soil until sundown and still loves the ache in his tired muscles because that land is his life.

Even when life hurts, even in the darkness and shadow, there is always light, always lovelight. And basically, I want to show it to the world. So let your lovelight shine and let's plan a session!

Jessica is a Rocky Mountain School of Photography graduate specializing in portrait photography including weddings, seniors and families as well as commercial, editorial advertising and documentary ventures. Member of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International and Professional Photographers of America. Lovelight Photography is based out of Kalispell, Montana but available for travel worldwide.